What's ATA method

ATA is an abbreviation for "Appreciation Training by Ata" which means "a training to pull out the ability by admitting the value of vitality and working to it."

It has made it possible to pull out the maximum human function of mind and body, basing on the "organic adaptology," which integrated the theory and the practice of many fields such as medicine, education, biology, and nerve physiology, etc..

And by adopting the ATA method to the people with mental and physical disabilities, get close to the cause of the disabilities and make it possible to make a training program to obtain the functions that suits to particular disabilities.

Through a method that solved the mind and body functions scientifically and rationally, notwithstanding whether innate or acquied the disabilities are, it has made it possible to establish the "training program" for all kind of disabilities, such as physical, intellectual, linguistic, mental, and so on, that suits everyone, form baby to adult and elderly.