Ideology of SUUKEN

1.We start with pulling out the "strong vitality" which human originally have. We set a goal to progress a people to whom with sound mind and body. We train and teach to acquire functions and autonomy of activities, objecting all the people from infant babies to adults through the ATA method.

2.SUUKEN is not an organization only purposing to do reformation trainings of language and body. We train and teach people live as an "ordinary person," not as a "disabled person."

3.We never train people with disabilities of any kind as a "disabled person," but as a "developing person." They can't get over their disabilities if we keep touching them as a disabled person, and they'll stay as disabled person forever.

4.Body, language, intellect, emotion, behavior, etc., we train and teach aiming for, in all means, "ordinary." More than that, "super-ordinary."