It is an organization that studies and practices for everyone to live their lives livelily, healthy, and brilliantly through the ATA method.

Other than training practice for members, we are working on enlightenment and spread activities through development consultation, publication, lecture, issue of video, etc..

Ypshiaki Ata, the chairman, had been involved in special education as a teacher, and had posted committee of guidance to enter school. He stood at the reflection that conventional training, education, and rehabilitation often had a few effects toward overcoming disabilities. Then from a brand-new view point, he established an identical method of guidance and training, the ATA method based on organic adaptology.

At SUUKEN, we work on our guidance, having confidence that any kind of disabilities are possible to overcome those disabilities, and have a great effects and results, such as "people who never had been able to walk became able to walk," "a person became able to see," etc..