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Access map


zip:252-0004 Tokyo, Zama-shi, Kanagawa 3-19-30
Tel & FAX 046-256-1548
(usually, it is the guidance time of the member, so unless it is urgent, please refrain from telephone inquiries etc. as much as possible.If y

come by train
from Kansai Direction, JR Tokaido Line and Tokaido Shinkansen Odawara Station

Change to Odakyu line (private railway) to Ebina station, change to the Sotetsu line (private railway), and get off at Sagami station.

JR Tokyo Station

JR Tokaido Line and transfer to the Sotetsu line to Yokohama station.

To get off at Sagami station by plane > Haneda airport → Keihin Electric Express line (private railway) to Yokohama station → Transfer to the Sotetsu line and get off at Sagami station by car > Atsugi IC on the Tomei expressway → National Highway Line