How can I improve my intellect?

I want to improve my intellect.


Excellent intelligence is mainly made of three functions: eyes, ears, and hands. Most high-scholastic people have their 3 functions better.Conversely, those who do not have he ability to increase their academic abilities are the best way to drilling the functions of the eyes, ears, and hands before individual learning.  No matter how clever a person is, if you have a blind eye, you cannot read the letter.If you close your ears, you don’t know the other person’s story.Visual function is 50% of the intellect and the auditory function affects 30% of the intellect.The hand also expresses the intellect by the character, the picture, and the gesture.(Only the function of the hand can be substituted by the foot and the mouth, and the influence of the hand changes by the spread of the computer).It is good to refer to the ATA method about the detailed drilling method.