What is an ATA method?

The ATA method stands for Appreciation Training by ATA (Application by ATA), which means “training to recognize the real value of life force and to approach and derive abilities.”
We have made it possible to maximize the physical and mental functions of people based on the “biological function” that integrates theory and practice in medicine, education, biology, neurophysiology, and many other fields.

And, by applying ATA methods to people with mental and physical disabilities, you can develop a training program to 基因 the handicap and to overcome the handicap.

By means of scientifically and rationally clarifying the workings of the mind and body, regardless of whether it is a congenital handicap or a handicap, it can be addressed to everyone from infants to adults and old people to all handicaps, other than physical disabilities, intellectual handicap, language disorders, emotional disorders, etc. The training program was made possible.