Information on SUUKEN

About the Consultation day

■ Currently conducts joint counseling sessions at any time.You will be able to diagnose the condition of each person and...
Information on SUUKEN

About training tours and taking classes

● If you have a handicap, start your own family, and are interested in medical education, researchers, and ATA methods, ...
Information on SUUKEN

Our philosophy

In the one the goal is to pull out the "strong vitality" that a person has, and to extend it to a healthy person mentall...

The content of the social power is described here.

I write a fixed article of the social Power.

How can I improve my intellect?

I want to improve my intellect.    Excellent intelligence is mainly made of three functions: eyes, ears, and hands...

The contents of information and language skills are described here.

I write a fixed article of the power of information and WORDS.

The contents of the body and the operation are described Here.

This is a fixed article about the body and Operation.

The contents concerning the spirit and the psychology are described here.

I write a fixed article of the spirit and Psychology.

Lecture announcement

"Chose a career and decide the future." Date: June 8, 2014, 13:00-15:00 (Registration: 12:30 ~) Location: Oda Plaza (...

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Our website was renewed. If you are a bookmark, sorry to bother you, I would appreciate if you re-bookmark the new home...